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Free Online Hajj Course by KIU

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

Here’s a great offer:

Study a famous (and easy to read) book on Hajj under a real scholar* in English.

[Yes, real scholars are few and far between. Not every “shaikh” is a scholar.]

Oh and it’s free.

The book being taught is Manhaj As-Saalikeen by Imam As-Saadi (rahimahullah). The explanation is by Shaikh Saad Ash-Shetry, one of the senior scholars in Saudia Arabia.

The course will be translated into English by Brother Sajid Umar.

It’s being offered live from Oct 28th-31st. There’s an exam as well (for those who wish to take it).

You may read more about the course here.

This is a really great opportunity for those who:

1) Are going for Hajj this year

2) Plan to go for Hajj next year

3) Are students of knowledge

Please pass on this information to others as well, insha-Allah.

Jazakumullahu kheira.


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