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Hajj Coach

Assalamu Alaikum.

Here’s a nice little series that prepares you for Hajj:

[Note: As the Hajj coach site is no longer available, I’ve put up all the required information here. All the information in green is from the original Hajj coach site. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that’s there.]

Hajj Coach by Muhammad Al-Shareef

Session 1: Everything you need to know

Session 2: Measuring Salah Quality

The documents that he mentions can be downloaded here: Salah Planner, Progress Chart and Shortcuts to Concentration.

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Session 3: Typing up loose ends

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:

Step 1: Follow the advice of how to prepare your will from:


Step 2: Then print out the following sample will and fill it out

Session 4: Let’s Go Shopping

Part 1:

Part 2:

The shopping list consisted of:

[1] Vaseline (to prevent skin rashes that happen between your thighs)

[2] baby wipes (small travel pack)

[3] 2 large and light suitcases (you’ll have lots of gifts in the end, so just bring the suitcases with you from your home country so that you don’t have to end up spending your money buying suitcases in Makkah)

[4] smallest possible sleeping bag

[5] ear plugs (http://www.christinecolumbus.com/images/products/E031.jpg)

[6] eyeshade (The planes, busses, and tents can get noisy. Rest easy with the plugs and shade)(http://www.ohsheets.com/jacquardeyeivory2.jpg)

[7] Ihram towels for men (if you are arriving in Jeddah and traveling for Umrah as soon as you arrive, you’ll need the towels with you in your carry-on item)

[8] Gatorade juice powder (http://www.toolbarn.com/images/gatorade/orange.jpg)

Ziplock bags are great for so many things. Look into getting some.

[9] Pocket Qur’an

[10] Small pocket radio (to listen to Hajj broadcast throughout the trip)

[11] Comfortable sandals (do not plan to buy these from Saudi. Get better quality before you travel overseas). You can find good pairs online.

[12] Unscented soap (like DOVE)

[13] Powerbars that don’t melt, for those times on the bus when you are hungry and there is no food available.
(like Cliffbars: http://www.nassaucandysouth.com/CLIFF%20BAR%203.jpg)

Session 5: The Heartwheel

You can download the Heartwheel here. [Also, please take a look at the Heartwheel Journal.]

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:


Step 1: Print out 10 copies of the heartwheel. 1 for right now, and 9 more for the next 9 days.

Step 2: Look over the heartwheel. On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you measure: 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Then, color the slice of the pie from the middle up based on the number you gave yourself. For example, if you gave yourself a 4 for Salah, color 4 parts of that Salah slice.

In the end, you will see a inner circle that looks kind of crooked and flat compared to the outer circle. This is what you have to work on: to fill the WHOLE circle as much as you can!

The Eight categories are:
One: Salah with concentration [What is a 10 for you? For me, if I pray Salah in the Masjid 5 times a day, with my Sunnahs, I would give myself a 10. What is it for you?]

Two: Dhikr Chunks [What is a 10 for you? For me, if I do my dhikr in the mornings and evenings, after Fajr and after Asr, I would give myself a 10. What is it for you?]

Three: Chastity [What is a 10 for you? And how are you currently measuring up to that?]

Four: Night Prayer

Five: Upright Character

Six: Avoiding Distractions

Seven: Daily Sadaqah

Eight: Fasting

Step 3: At the end of the day, each day for the next 10 days, measure your heart on the heartwheel, and then make note of what you will do tomorrow to fill it up even more.

Insha Allah, by the end of 10 days, your mini heart operation will have made a tremendous recovery! And insha Allah, the nearer you get to Hajj (or during Hajj for that matter) you might want to take another run on the heartwheel!

Session 6: Presentation

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:

Pull out your Hajj notebook and please answer the following questions. Take as long as you need.

The Black Dot:
Consider the following situations that will happen to you in Hajj, almost guaranteed:

a. Muhammad you will be in a huge crushing crowd, and someone behind you is pushing you and shoving you, and jabbing their fingers into your back.

b. The Hajj group told you to come down at 2 AM to get on the busses. It’s now been 9 hours since the time they told you to come down and the busses have not moved yet.

c. You need to go to the bathroom during Hajj very badly, and when you find the washrooms, there are 45 people waiting in front of you!

Do this: *smile* For each of these situations, make a list of 10 white dot blessings that you can focus on when these situations come up.
(And feel free to add additional situations that you think might come up)

The Patience Circle:
1. [Make a table with two columns] In column one, what, if it happened during Hajj, you would not be patient. In other words, make a list of the things that would make you incredibly angry in Hajj.

2. Now, in column two, for each point that you mentioned, write down what you would have to believe in order for you to not get angry when that thing happens.

3. Test it. Go back to the situations in question 1 and ask yourself, if I truly believed what I wrote in 2, I would be patient. Feel your emotions, are you patient? Yes? Good, you’ve passed. Move on to the next. (If you still don’t feel patient, think of something better for no.2)

Session 7: Prepare a Massive Dua List

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:


Unlike the Ramadan dua list you did at the beginning of this Hajj coaching, this is not a list of 16 items. This is a 16 PAGE dua list! You are going to sit down, and write and write and write what you want to ask Allah for!

Here are some slices of life to get your brainstorming started:

In regards to my EMAN, what would I ask for?

In regards to my HEALTH and ENERGY, what would I ask for?

In regards to my HEREAFTER, what would I ask for?

In regards to my FAMILY, what would I ask for?

In regards to my FINANCES, what would I ask for?

In regards to my EMOTIONAL HEALTH, what would I ask for?

In regards to my SPOUSE, what would I ask for?

In regards to my CHILDREN, what would I ask for?

In regards to my CAREER OR BUSINESS, what would I ask for?

In regards to my SOCIAL LIFE, what would I ask for?

In regards to my EDUCATION (Islamic or secular), what would I ask for?

In regards to my COMMUNITY and UMMAH, what would I ask for?

In regards to the LEGACY that I’ll leave behind after I die, what would I ask for?

Step 1: With the above slices of life to get your creative juices flowing, write down on neat and beautiful paper everything that you want to make dua for! Nothing less then 16 pages! Yes, 16!

Step 2: Print out this list on special paper and keep it handy. Throughout the coming days leading to Hajj, if you remember anything else that you want to make dua for, include it on the list. (Once you clear your mind, new ideas will take its place).

Step 3: Get familiar with the list you made, read it often, and take it with you for Hajj. When you are in Tawaf, or during Hajj, and especially on Arafah day, pull it out, raise your hands to Allah, and ask your Creator from the bottom of your sincere heart!

Bonus: I did this one year, and it was really cool. I was teaching a young grade 2 Islamic studies class and asked all of them to write their ‘wish’. I told them I was going for Hajj, and I wouldn’t open their envelope until Arafah day. On Arafah day, I pulled out all their little envelopes and made dua for each one of them. It was a total EmanRush experience! Alhamdulillah. Try it with your young relatives or kids at the Masjid or Islamic School.

Session 8: A Healthy Hajj, insha-Allah

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:


Step 1: Remember back specifically to times when you went on a diet or exercise program and you achieved amazing results. Every body is unique, so I want YOU to make your own 10 day exercise and diet program based on what has worked for you in the past.

Answer the following questions
One: Name three times in your life when you went on a diet or exercise program and witnessed amazing results in your body.

Two: Write down 20 habits you did during those times which made the most difference in realizing the amazing results that you experienced.

Step 2: Pick the top 10 habits from this list of 20!
[Here is a list of my top 10 that might get your creativity flowing:
2.1 Absolutely no salt or sugar
2.2 Walking for 45 minutes 5 days a week
2.3 Eating basically soups and salads for the 10 days, no meat
2.4 Udo’s Oil (a shot in the morning and evening: http://www.evitamins.com/product.asp?pid=4036)
2.5 Weight lifting 4 times a week
2.6 Drinking up to 3 liters of water daily
2.7 Colon hydrotherapy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonic
2.8 Drink 3 green drinks a day (like Cucumbers, Celery, mint, etc.)
2.9 Eating 5-6 small meals a day, absolutely no skipping of these meals
2.10 Having a health coach monitoring my progress and keeping me on track]
… This is my list, and we are all unique. Some of it will be similar, but I am sure you have done things that have worked for you that are not on ‘my’ list. Muhammad, just as you are unique, so too should your list of 10 habits be unique.

Step 3: For the next 10 days, take the top 10 that you have chosen and follow these habits strictly. Commit yourself to this! You might want to do some voluntary fasting in these days to build your strength.
In sha Allah, at the end of 10 days, as you are almost about to leave for Hajj, you will be in a refreshed and rejuvenated physical state. Bi idhnillah. Imagine the added enjoyment this health preparation will do for your entire trip!

Bonus Tip: When I go for Hajj, one of the first things I do is go to ZamZam and make the following dua as I drink the blessed water: “O Allah, keep me safe and healthy for the ENTIRE Hajj journey.”

One year I did this, and a few days later, I became ill. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I felt this couldn’t be happening since I made the dua to Allah whilst drinking Zamzam. The hadith states that ZamZam is good for whatever dua one makes while drinking it.

Later that evening, I took two Tylenol with water, and within a few hours I was feeling perfect! Alhamdulillah.

May Allah keep you safe and healthy throughout your trip. Ameen.

Session 9: Memorise the Steps

You can download out the guides here: Hajj and Umrah.

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:

Step 1: Print out the Umrah and Hajj guides (and paste the pages together as described)

Step 2: Read the guides at least 12 times, and make a visual for each step of the Hajj. (Umrah should be easy, you just need to make an emotionally intensive visual of an Ittr Sac)

Step 3: Test it out. Give the guide to a friend, and without looking, quickly explain to them what you are going to be doing on each day of the Hajj journey.

Session 10: Know Your Destination

Brother Muhammad’s instructions were as follows:

Step 1: Answer this question: “What are you trying to achieve out of your Hajj?” Just answer what comes from the heart.

Step 2: Put it through the SMART filters like we did above.
Is it Specific? No. What do you need to add to it (or reword) to make it specific?

Is it Measurable? Yes? No? What do you need to add to it (or reword) to make it something you can achieve, and know when you have or have not achieved it?

Is it Actionable? Is it something in your control? If not, change it to be something that you control.

Is it Realistic? Yes? No? Change it to something that is more humanly possible if you made it too idealistic.

Is it Time-bound? Yes? No? What numbers can you add to your statement?

Step 3: After you have the answer, I want you to repeat it 75 times (or as much as you can – 7000 times if possible). Just repeat it again and again to condition it in. Write it on a piece of paper and go for a walk, repeating it again and again. Make sure it’s carved into your brain … and heart.

Bonus Assignment
If you visit this site, you’ll notice a list that I wrote up for myself a long time ago called, “50 things to do in Hajj”. This was based on an article I read in the Reader’s Digest “50 things to do before I die.”

I made this list so that whenever this question of ‘what am I doing here’ came up, I would pull out my list and go off on a new adventure.

I want you to make up your own list. Call it: “50 things to do in Makkah and Madinah before I come home”. Make your list before you read mine, so that you are not just copying my list. Then, after you are done, you can read mine to add things from my list that you think would be cool. (And send me your list if you wish, I’d love to benefit).

It’s a really fun assignment. It’ll make you feel like a kid again.


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  1. Amina Jamal says:

    .a shaa ALLAH very informative and helpful.May ALLAHSWT make our Hajj full of Barakah and acceptance of Duas Aameen and we all come back humble and full of Iman and Taqwa and better human beings.

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